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Technical characteristics, use and maintenance.

Can I use a Kipli mattress with my existing bed frame?

The Kipli mattress has been designed to work best on a rigid base which allows air to pass under the mattress. We do recommend using a bed frame with a slatted base.

If I'm allergic to latex, will the natural latex in Kipli's products cause an allergic reaction?

Allergies to natural latex are caused by the proteins that come from hevea (the tree from which the rubber or liquid latex is extracted). Our mattresses don't contain any protein residues so they have high hypoallergenic properties.

What size to select?

We have two different sized children's mattresses: the 60x120cm mattress is ideal for children aged up to 3-4 years. the 70x140cm mattress will give your child more space and will extend its usability up to about 5 years of age.

Is the 100% latex mattress compostable?

Yes, your mattress is biodegradable and compostable!. 100% natural latex is considered a compostable material, rich in carbon. Latex is of the same type of biodegradable material as dry leaves, straw or wood.

Does the Kipli mattress regulate body temperature?

With the Kipli mattress you'll be neither too hot nor too cold. The natural materials that are used in our mattresses - natural latex for the core and organic cotton, Tencel© and wool for the cover, are naturally breahtable materials

How do I unpack my mattress?

Place the mattress in the room in which it will be used. We use natural materials which are heavier than synthetic materials (such as polyurethane) and you may be surprised by the weight of our mattress.

How long should I wait after unpacking my mattress before using it?

Your mattress will regain its shape quite quickly. We recommend waiting at least 2 hours before using it. You can sleep on your mattress the same day its delivered.

What certification does my Kipli mattress come with?

The latex used to manufacture the Kipli mattresses comes with EUROLATEX certification. This certificate guarantees that the processing of the latex is undertaken in Europe and that it doesn't contain any kind of substances...

What is the difference between Dunlop latex and Talalay Latex?

The Dunlop manufacturing process is the oldest latex transformation process having been in use since 1929. The latex obtained is denser than Talalay latex and is slightly firmer. The Talalay process is a more recent process. This makes the manufactur

What percentage of latex is there in a Kipli mattress?

In Europe, the minimum percentage of natural latex present in a mattress in order to be able to say it is 100% natural latex is 85%. At Kipli, we use the maximum percentage possible at 97%.

Is the Kipli mattress hypoallergenic?

Thanks to its alveolar structure and its natural properties, natural latex has great breathability which contributes to an environment that isn't conducive to the growth of bacteria or mites.

What are the dimensions and weight of my mattress?

The weight of the Kipli mattress varies depending on the size. Below you'll find the different sizes and their corresponding weights:...

Are the seams on my mattress cover sturdy?

The seams on the cover are sturdy and long-lasting . They're stitched by hand and are of very high quality. Sturdy, padded handles are attached to the sides of the cover allowing it to be easily turned over without risking any damage to the mattress.

Do Kipli's products exude any odor of latex or chemical products?

No, our duvets don't exude any odors. And they're not toxic. Kipli's mattresses are healthy and don't generate any kind of toxic emissions. We don't use polyurethane, memory foam, flame retardants or chemical adhesives

How are the two layers fastened if you don't use glues?

In order to join the two layers of natural latex of differing densities in our mattresses, we do use a natural glue. This glue is made based on water and liquid latex, so there is no risk to health

What type of bed frame can I use with my Kipli mattress?

The Kipli mattress can be used with every kind of bed base.We would recommend a slatted bed frame, in order to provide the best ventilation for the mattress. Slatted bed frames are recommended for those who suffer from problems with back pain.

Should I turn my mattress regularly?

Thanks to the unique design of the Kipli mattress and the excellent quality of the mateirials used it isn't necessary to turn your mattress periodically.

Where do we make our mattresses?

Kipli mattresses are made entirely in northern Italy. The mattress core is manufactured entirely in a factory near Milan. The natural latex is shipped in liquid form to Italy and then processed.

Is the Kipli mattress anti-mite?

Our mattresses are naturally resistant to mites thanks to the properties of natural latex. Mites can cause allergies, asthma or eczema but they are unable to live in the organic cotton mattress cover.

How is the Dunlop certified latex made?

For the manufacture of the body of the Kipli mattress, we import liquid latex from Sri Lanka to Italy. The first stage of the transformation process of the liquid latex is vulcanization.

Can I feel my partner's movements on the Kipli mattress?

Natural latex has a high level of elasticity, which allows it to "absorb movement". Thanks to this quality of the Kipli mattress, you will hardly feel when your partner moves in the middle of the night.

What is latex?

Natural latex, also known as rubber, is a 100% natural material that's extracted from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. Latex is produced by the tree as a protective mechanism when its bark is torn or cut. Latex protects the tree from bacteria.

What is the life-span of a Kipli mattress?

Natural latex is the most durable of materials used in the manufacture of mattresses. A mattress with the quality of the Kipli mattress can be used daily for up to 15 years.

What do you do with returned mattresses?

The mattresses that have been returned by our clients within the 100 night trial are usually in good condition but we can no longer sell these. At Kipli, we support a revolving economy: therefore, all the mattresses that are returned are donated

What is the percentage of latex in my Kipli mattress?

The body of the Kipli mattress has the highest possible concentration of natural latex at 97%. The remaining 3% consists of vulcanizing agents (mainly zinc) which are vital in the transformation of liquid latex into foam.

Which is better? Natural or synthetic latex?

100% natural latex has superior qualities compared to synthetic latex foam. It doesn't contain any chemicals or generate any harmful emissions. We use 100% natrual latex in all our mattresses which is better for your health and for the environment.

Do the Kipli mattresses contain chemical products?

Our mattresses do not contain any chemical products. You can find out more about the composition of our mattresses at the page dedicated to this topic. We have numerous certificates confirming the quality of our products

Will the Kipli mattress fit on an electric bed?

The Kipli mattresses can be used with any kind of bed including electric and adjustable beds. We also make special covers that will enable you to join two single mattresses together thanks to a zip fastening for optimal use of your electric bed base.

Is the Kipli mattress soft or hard?

The Kipli mattress provides two different firmless levels, one on each side. The softer side has a firmness index of 5/10. The firmer side has a firmness index of 7/10 . The Kipli mattress is universally considered to be medium-firm

Can I use my Kipli mattress on the floor?

We don't recommend using the Kipli mattress on the floor or on surfaces which won't allow any air to circulate around the mattress. A solid surface doesn't allow the mattress to breathe and on rare occasions, can result in mold.

Is natural latex good for the back?

Although no mattress can completely alleviate back problems, the excellent ergonomics of our mattress will allow you to sleep in a natural position which helps to reduce back and joint pain. Latex is highly recommended in the fight against back pain.

Does the Kipli mattress have a strong smell of latex?

When you first receive your Kipli mattress, you may notice a very slight smell of latex when you unpack it. However, this will dissipate very quickly.

Is the Kipli mattress suitable for all body types?

As we use superior quality materials and component parts, our mattresses are suitable for both lighter and heavier weight people. We don't have a specific weight limit for using our mattresses.

What are the comfort zones?

The firmer side of the Kipli mattress has 7 comfort zones. The comfort zones are particularly recommended for people who sleep on their back or on their side as they enable an ergonomic fit in the hip and shoulder areas providing optimal support

How can I try the mattress?

You can try out your mattress, at home, with the 100 nights trial option.

What type of bed frame can I use with my Kipli mattress?

The Kipli mattress can be used with every kind of bed base.We would recommend a slatted bed frame, in order to provide the best ventilation for the mattress. Slatted bed frames are recommended for those who suffer from problems with back pain.