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How do I unpack my mattress?Updated a year ago


  1. Place the mattress in the room in which it will be used. We use natural materials which are heavier than synthetic materials (such as polyurethane) and you may be surprised by the weight of our mattress. We recommend that you set up your mattress with at least two people.

  2. Remember to open the plastic carefully so as not to damage the mattress. We are obliged to use recycled plastic to protect the mattress during transit and delivery. We want to stop using this material but we haven't found an alternative just yet. 

  3. Slide the mattress out of the jute bag which you then use for other purposes, if you wish.

  4. Carefully cut the recycled plastic with the compressed mattress inside it and remove it. We do recommend that you keep this for the 100 night trial period as you can use it to protect the mattress in the event that you decide to return it. 

  5. Unroll the mattress and place it on your bed base.

  6. Wait for it to take on its natural shape. Your mattress should regain its shape within a few hours. You will be able to sleep on your new mattress on the same day you receive it.


  • We decided to roll and compress the mattresses for easy transportation. It also makes it easier to move the mattress around and install it in the room of your choice once it arrives.
  • The cotton used in your natural mattress hasn't been treated, so its natural color is normal as this is the natural color of cotton. We don't use any type of bleaching agents or chemical products which would alter the natural color of the cotton.
  • We use 100% natural latex without any polyurethane foam. For this reason, the corners of your mattress make take a little longer to regain their proper shape. If you want to accelerate the process, you can lift up each side and shake it gently by holding on to the top edge.
  • Our plastic is recycled. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to recycle it again. (We are working to find an alternative to this material and hope to have a solution before too long).
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