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Is the Kipli mattress hypoallergenic?Updated 2 years ago

Thanks to its alveolar structure and its natural properties, natural latex has great breathability which contributes to an environment that isn't conducive to the growth of bacteria or mites.

Together with organic cotton, the mattress has exceptional breathability which promotes a healthy and restful night's sleep. Natural latex mattresses have natural antibacterial and anti-mite properties.

A natural latex mattress is ideally suited for people who have sensitivities or allergies. The mattress isn't recommended for people who are allergic to latex, (statistically 1% of the world's population has an allergy to latex).

In general, an allergy to latex only occurs in the event of direct contact with the skin. When using our mattresses, there is no direct contact with the mattress core. However, if you aren't sure whether the Kipli mattreess will suit you check with an allergy specialist prior to effecting your purchase.

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