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How is the Dunlop certified latex made?Updated 2 years ago

For the manufacture of the body of the Kipli mattress, we import liquid latex from Sri Lanka to Italy.

The first stage of the transformation process of the liquid latex is vulcanization. This consists of adding natural vulcanizing agents to the latex which then transforms it into foam. This foam is then molded in a steel mold, cut with metal rods and heated. This part of the process is what gives the latex its final shpae and its visco-elastic properties. The latex is washed and dried to remove any residues or moisture that are still present. Finally, assembling the different layers of the latex is reached using a water-based glue and liquid latex. The mattress core will then be ready to be covered manually.

Once the mattress body and the cover have been joined together, the mattress is compressed and enveloped in recycled plastic before being inserted into the jute fabric that will protect it during its travels through the delivery process.

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