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What wood is used to manufacture the upholstered bed base?

Our beds don't have any of the paint, melamine wood or synthetic treatments that are common in furniture manufacture (and which are the main pollutants in our homes' interiors).

How to assemble my upholstered bed?

We recommend assembling your upholstered bed with the assistance of another person which will make the process easier for you. In the product guide, we'll show you how to do it step-by-step.

Why should I choose a Kipli bed?

At Kipli, we manufacture beds that are breathable, healthy and long-lasting. All our beds have a slatted frame as we believe in the importance of breathability when sleeping.

How can I clean my Kipli Upholstered Bed?

If your upholstered bed gets dirty, we recommend that you clean it very gently. Avoid using strong detergents or chemicals to remove the stains. Using a clean, slightly damp cloth or sponge, rub the stain gently.

How should I choose the type of slats for my bed frame?

Choosing the right slats for your bed base is important as this determines the overall firmness of your mattress by up to 30% or 40%. If you prefer to sleep on a softer surface, we recommend the flexible slats.

Do you use lacquered or stained wood?

As a general rule, we don't use stained or lacquered wood to make our beds. The wood we use is natural, solid and hasn't been processed. We do use varnish for the finish and to provide natural protection but this is oil or water based

How do I choose the right sized bed for my mattress?

The ideal size for your bed should be the same as your mattress. For example, if you mattress measures 160x200 cm, you should choose a bed that measures 160x200 cm.

What is the maximum weight a Kipli bed frame can support?

Kipli's bed frames are made from durable materials and can support a total weight of up to 300kg.

Do the beds contain any metal?

Our beds contain a minimum of metal pieces. The upholstered bed doesn't have many screws and the slats on the bed frame are connected via a jute strap.