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What wood is used to manufacture the upholstered bed base?Updated 2 years ago

Our beds don't have any of the paint, melamine wood or synthetic treatments that are common in furniture manufacture (and which are the main pollutants in our homes' interiors). In this manner, Kipli honours its aim of bringing the natural world into our homes and thus fighting against pollution. Each order is made by hand in our French workshops.

The Upholstered Bed:

The Upholstered Bed is made in Sologne, in the Loire region of France. The slats used in the bed frame and the bed base itself are made from solid pine which is sourced from sustainably cultivated forests in the Vosges region and are PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forests Certification).

The wooden structure is reinforced with cardboard (a more durable alternative to conventional, reconstituted wood or plywood) with a linen cover (French and Belgian linen) that's woven in France. The bed is filled with an organic cotton fibre that sits between the wooden structure and the linen fabric.

The majority of upholstered beds on the market are filled with synthetic materials such as polyester. However, at Kipli, we have chosen natural, healthy, and durable materials to make our Kipli Upholstered Beds.

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