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What is the composition of the core of the cover of the Kipli baby mattress?Updated 2 years ago

The core of the Kipli baby mattress is made of a single layer of 100% natural latex with a thickness of 15 cm and a density of 72kg/m3. The mattress has seven comfort zones which provide the perfect support for each part of the body, thus facilitating the natural alignment of the spine throughout the night so that your child can enjoy a good night's sleep which is essential for their growth and good development.

The core of the Kipli mattress doesn't contain any chemical or toxic substances. Natural latex doesn't contain any kind of synthetic foam. The mattress doesn't give off any type of emissions and this is guaranteed by the ECO-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certifications that we hold.

The cover of the Kipli baby mattress is made from 57% polyester, 40% cotton and 3% elastane. Organic cotton provides a soft feel and allows for a high level of breathability. Polyester ensures the life of the cover as it enables you to machine wash the cover without it losing its shape. The cover can be easily removed thanks to a zip fastening.

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