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What are the order dimensions at the time of delivery?Updated 2 years ago

Below you'll find the measurements for your mattress once it has been rolled up for despatch:

  • 80x190cm: 41x41x85cm

  • 80x200cm: 41x41x85cm

  • 90x190cm: 41x41x95cm

  • 90x200cm: 41x41x95cm

  • 100x190cm: 41x41x105cm

  • 100x200cm: 41x41x105cm

  • 120x190cm: 41x41x125cm

  • 120x200cm: 41x41x125cm

  • 140x190cm: 41x41x145cm

  • 140x200cm: 41x41x145cm

  • 160x190cm: 41x41x165cm

  • 160x200cm: 41x41x165cm

  • 180x190cm: 41x41x185cm

  • 180x200cm: 41x41x185cm

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