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What is my Kipli pillow made of?

The body of the Kipli pillow is made from 97% natural latex. This is the maximum percentage achievable, with the remaining 3% consisting of vulcanizing agents essential for the transformation of latex from its liquid state into foam. In Europe, so

How do I clean my Kipli pillow?

The Kipli pillowcase is made from organic cotton, blended with a recycled microfibre that makes it easily washable without shrinking. The cover can be machine washed up to a maximum temperature of 30°C, followed by air-drying. The pillow's core is ma

Is the Kipli natural latex pillow hypoallergenic?

The Kipli pillow is made from 100% natural latex. Thanks to its natural properties, it is resistant to bacteria and mites. Therefore, it's suitable for allergy sufferers. Our latex doesn't contain any protein residues so it has increased

What are the dimensions of my Kipli pillow?

Kipli's natural latex pillow has a standard size of 40x70cm. Its dimensions and weight are as follows:

How is my natural latex Kipli pillow made?

The natural latex Kipli uses in our pillows is sourced from Sri Lanka and then transported so that the end product is made in Italy. This is then made according to the Dunlop process. The liquid latex is transformed into foam by a process in which co