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How is the Kipli duvet made?

The Kipli duvets are made in Bavaria, in Germany in an Oeko-Tex certified factory, specialists in the production of natural materials. The first stage in the production consists of collecting the fibres that make up the filling. The duvet's filling

What size duvet should I choose?

We recommend the following sizes depending on your bed's size:. For a 90×190 bed:. 40×200 duvet. For a 120×190 bed:. 200×200 cm duvet. For a 140×190 bed:. 240×220 cm duvet. For a 140×200 bed:. 240×220 cm duvet. For a 160×200 bed:. A 240×220 cm or 260

What are the weight and dimensions of my duvet?

Kipli's natural duvet is made from Lyocell, a fibre extracted from wood pulp and 100% organic cotton. Made in Germany, it is naturallly breathable and biodegradable. The Kipli duvet is available in the following sizes:.

Are Kipli's duvets certified?

Kipli's duvets come with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. Certification from OEKO-TEX is very rigorous and guarantees that the product is healthy without any contaminating toxic or chemical products, harmful pesticides or optical dyes.

What is Lyocell and how is it grown?

Lyocell is an artificial fibre but is of vegetal origin (wood pulp). Therefore, it is considered to be a natural material when processed. This fibre is biodegradable. In order to obtain Lyocell, wood pulp (cellulose) is extracted and ground. The wood

Is the Kipli duvet hypoallergenic?

The Kipli duvet is hypoallergenic. The materials used to make our duvets are all natural and aren't treated with any toxic substances that may cause allergies. Lyocell is suitable for people with allergies as it allows for thorough and easy washing

How to wash the Kipli duvet

The Kipli duvet is made from Lyocell and organic cotton. It comes with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. We recommend that you use the following instructions as a guide for cleaning:. Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C (we recommend

What materials are used in the Kipli duvet?

The filling in the Kipli duvet is composed of 100% Lyocell, a fibre that's extracted from the pulp of trees such as : eucalyptus, acacia, acerola, birch, poplars, common beech, black alder and pine. All these trees are found mainly in South Africa,