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Where are the Kipli mattress protectors made?

Our mattress protectors are made in the Vosges region of France. The quality and durability is due to the excellent production and traditional techniques of our manufacturer, a specialist in working with cotton.

How to wash the Kipli mattress cover

The Kipli mattress cover is made of 100% organic cotton and doesn't contain any harmful substances. It is covered by ECO-CERT certification. We recommend that you abide by the following instructions for washing:. Machine wash at a maximum temperature

What material is the Kipli mattress protector made from?

The Kipli mattress protector is made from 100% cotton sourced from organic agriculture. This cotton hasn't undergone any chemical treatments or bleaching so the product retains its natural colour. Find out about the Kipli mattress protector.

What are the dimensions and weight of my mattress protector?

The Kipli mattress protector is available in the following sizes:. 90x190 cm - weight: 1 kg. 90x200 cm - weight: 1 kg. 140x190 cm - weight: 1 kg. 140x200 cm - weight: 1 kg. 160x200 cm - weight: 1 kg. 180x200 cm - weight: 1 kg. The height of the seams

What size protector should I choose?

The mattress protector should be the same size as the mattress. The height of the mattress protector should be slightly greater than the height of the mattress. Here are the available measurements that we recommend, depending on the bed size:. For a

Is the Kipli mattress hypoallergenic?

Thanks to its alveolar structure and its natural properties, natural latex has great breathability which contributes to an environment that isn't conducive to the growth of bacteria or mites. Together with organic cotton, the mattress has exceptional

Are Kipli's duvets certified?

Kipli's duvets come with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. Certification from OEKO-TEX is very rigorous and guarantees that the product is healthy without any contaminating toxic or chemical products, harmful pesticides or optical dyes.