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Are the comments and opinions of customers real?Updated 2 years ago

Yes, we use YotPo, a third-party feedback platform that ensures reviews are from real customers.

Yotpo is an App designed specifically for e-commerce sites. This enables our customers to give their opinions and evaluate our products.

How do you get feedback on YotPo? The YotPo system is linked to our website and sends an email to our customers after each purchase, approximately 30 or 45 days after the customer has made their purchase so that they've had time to evaluate it. These are comments that are verified and are associated with specific orders.

Comments on Facebook and Google: people can also leave their comments on both of these, however, these are not verifited (i.e., these people may not actually be customers who have already purchased from Kipli). So, the comments on YotPo are more reliable.

How come you have so many 5 Star comments and reviews? Most of our customers highlight the great quality of our products which are a result of the efforts from our entire production chain, using only the best materials and handmade manufacturing in Italy. Many of the comments also refer to the quality of service thanks to the attention we give our customers by answering their questions and queries in the best possible way. This is why a large part of our team is dedicated to Customer Service.

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