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How to choose the right child's mattress?Updated 2 years ago

In order to choose the best mattress for your child, we recommend that you bear the following criteria in mind:

The mattress size: Choosing the right mattress for your child isn't as simple as you might think.

The 80x200cm is the most common size, however, for older children, the 90x200cm may be a better option. Many of our customers prefer a 120x200cm mattress or even a 140x200cm, because these measurements offer greater freedom of movement and allow room for growth and development.

Materials: Children are particularly susceptible to toxic emissions, industrial chemicals, pesticides and other harmful substances.

That's why using a mattress that contains synthetic, polyurethane foams which are by-products of the petroleum industry, fire retardant memory foam or chemical adhesives, should be avoided. We recomend using a mattress that's made from natural materials such as natural latex and organic cotton.

Quality: The price is never really a reflection of the product's quality. That's why we suggest that you study all the information available about the mattress's components prior to making your selection. Remember to check if the raw materials have been certified to guarantee sourcing from responsible and sustainable production. Ensure that there is a reasonable trial period and a decent warranty.

Firmness: Your child's weight is part of the criteria that can sometimes be overlooked when choosing a mattress but, this is important.

A mattress may seem comfortable to you but perhaps it won't be as comfortable for a child. It is vitally important to look for gentle support which is also sufficiently firm to maintain the body's natural position and support the spine as your child grows.

Durability: A quality mattress like the Kipli mattress, will provide a child with the right level of comfort to ensure a good night's sleep as it grows up.

Make sure that the mattress has a cover that can be easily removed so that it can be thoroughly washed.

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